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The Postal Newsgroup


Dec. 30, 2918   2 shot by suspect dressed as postal worker, police say   "... Chicago police are investigating a double shooting inside a home in the ..."    [Reference:]



Dec. 28, 2018   Florida woman held up postal truck with a plastic gun and fled on a tricycle, police say   "... Florida woman held up a U.S. Postal Service truck using a plastic gun, stole a single package and fled on a tricycle, Collier County, Florida deputies say. Leida Crisostomo, 52 ..."    [Reference:]



Nov. 20, 2018   Three men, one juvinille sentenced for armed robbery of postal carrier during drug deal scheme   "... Officials said Jabar Hogan, 34, of Cleveland, and Roy Malone, 34, of Bedford Heights, both former employees of the U.S. Postal Service, were sentenced to nearly two years in prison. The minor involved was sentenced to three years at a juvenile detention facility ..."    [Reference:]



Nov. 17, 2018    Canadian Postal workers reject latest contract offer  " panel discusses the Canadian Union of Postal Workers rejection of Canada Post's latest contract offer ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Canada Post


Nov. 4, 2018   An overworked US postal worker shares what life is like delivering Amazon packages   "...the United States Postal Service entered into an agreement with Amazon to deliver its packages alongside the regular mail and, on Sundays, to deliver their packages exclusively. Because the USPS receives no federal funding and was operating in a multi-billion dollar loss, it was thought that this agreement would generate much-needed revenue for them, and it has. However ..."    [Reference:]


Nov. 4, 2018   Postal Service aware Informed Delivery used fraudulently   "... investigating nearly two dozen cases involving Informed Delivery in Central Florida. 'Typically, what we’re seeing when Informed Delivery is utilized fraudulently, it’s because the person’s already been a victim of identity theft,' Johnsten said. The service does require you to answer questions when signing up. Only if your identity has been stolen would someone be able to answer those questions, according to Johnsten. Crooks are stealing people’s identities, signing them up for credit cards, then using Informed Delivery to know when those cards are coming in the mail ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Informed Delivery


Oct. 26, 2018   One in Custody in Mail Bomb Investigation   "... NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller said the one seized at the Hell's Kitchen facility, which an alert postal worker flagged, appeared to be a pipe bomb consistent with the makeup of other devices seized across the country ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Mail Bombs 2018


Oct. 21, 2018   Postal service using double-wide at Muscle Shoals   "... Officials said the issue was due to some structural damage inside the facility, but has declined to offer details on what the damage is and what caused it. ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Muscle Shoals


Sept. 28, 2018   UK postal service: stop putting potato chip bags in the mail   "... The U.K.'s postal service is urging environmental campaigners to stop sending empty potato chip bags without an envelope after the launch of a ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:potato chip bags in the mail


Sept. 20, 2018    Tennessee man gets 15-month sentence for postal worker bribe  "...offered in December to pay a U.S. Postal Service employee in Joelton $300 to..."    [Reference:]



Sept. 16, 2018  Postal worker admits stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks   "... On Jan. 25, a letter containing a test greeting card and a $20 bill was prepared for delivery in the Wauwatosa area. Inside the envelope was a transmitter that signaled when it was opened. On this same date,the envelope was placed in a container earmarked for Smith's delivery route. While under surveillance, a USPS supervisor first observed Smith ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Postal News

Sept. 10, 2018   FERS Annuity Supplement: The Special Retirement Supplement (SRS)   "... Annuity Supplement The special retirement supplement is paid in addition to gross monthly Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) annuity benefits. It represents what you would receive for your FERS civilian service from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is calculated as if you were eligible to receive SSA benefits on the day you retired. Eligibility for the annuity supplement continues until the earlier of (1) the last day of the month before the first month for which you would be entitled to actual Social Security benefits or ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:Special Retirement Supplement (SRS), Benefits that help Military Veterans,

September 2, 2018:   How a Postal Inspector Brought the Mafia to Justice  "... Most paid the extortion money and continued with their new lives. For years and years, Italian immigrants factored paying �protection� money to the Black Hand as the cost of doing business in America. Until a Postal Inspector by the name of Frank Oldfield came along. Known for taking down murderers, embezzlers, and train robbers, Oldfield orchestrated the first organized crime bust in America and no one has ever heard of it. In a new book, Inspector Oldfield and the Black Hand Society: America's Original Gangsters and the U.S. Postal Detective who Brought Them to Justice ..."    [Reference:]


August 29, 2018   The US Postal Service Released A Former CIA Officer�s Security Application To A Republican Group   "... Someone at the USPS FOIA office is getting fired,� Moss said. �If they truly managed to release this file without noticing the Standard Form 86 paperwork in the file, there is justifiable cause to fire that FOIA officer.� �SF-86 paperwork is categorically privacy-protected and to my knowledge has never been released through FOIA to a third party absent a privacy waiver,� he added ..."    [Reference:]


August 12, 2018  Mail Hanadler Fifth COLA Under Current Contract Agreement   "... In accordance with the current National Contract under Section 9.3 Cost of Living Adjustment, career employees represented by the NPMHU will receive a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), effective September 1, 2018. It will appear in paychecks dated September 21, 2018 (Pay Period 19-2018), and will total $645.00 for all Steps in Table 1 and for Step P of Table 2. The remaining Steps in Table 2 will receive the proportional COLA increase percentages as outlined in Article 9.3 of the National Agreement. See specific details and new wage ..."    [Reference: NPMHU 317]

Tags:Mail Handler COLA 2018
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October 24, 2015   9.8 Percent Price Increase on Priority Mail Fees Could Hit E-Commerce Marketers Hard  "... If it goes into effect on Jan. 17, this first price hike on Priority Mail packages becomes reality just as FedEx and UPS up their shipping rates and fuel surcharges, Steiner notes in Monday�s post ..."    [Reference:]

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Jan. 8, 2013   Postal chief's $384,000 pay sparks call for cut   "... The chief of the struggling U.S. Postal Service received $384,229 in compensation last year ..."    [Reference: Federal Newsgroup ]

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Jan. 8, 2013   USPS warns of �risky� approach to flats pricing policy  "... The move is prompted by the Postal Regulatory Commission�s 2010 order that rates should rise towards full cost coverage, so that other mail services do not subsidise the shipping of items like catalogues ..."    [Reference: Postal Newsgroup ]

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June 12, 2012   Postal Service Audit Blasts San Diego Mail Carriers for Inefficiency   "... The auditors took out their apparently hidden cameras and stop watches and "determined the San Diego District could use at least 6 minutes less street time per day ..."    [Reference: ]

September 15, 2011:   list of Area Mail Processing Feasibility Studies for closure or consolidation of Mail Processing Facilities  "... This is the list of Area Mail Processing Feasibility Studies for closure or consolidation of Mail Processing Facilities. The Postal Service plans to conduct the studies at the sites listed in the attachment. ..."    [Reference: Postal Briefing ]

Tags:AMP, Postal Closures, Mail Processing Closure list, List of Consolidation Studies 2011,
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Feb. 5, 2011:   Mail to Egypt Suspended by U.S. Postal Service   "... The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced Friday, that it has temporarily suspended delivery to Egypt ..."    [Reference: Postal News ]

Tags:Postal News

Jan. 10, 2011:    Postal Early Retirement   "... "'As we continue our restructuring, we anticipate that a reduction in force (RIF) and a voluntary early retirement (VER) process will be initiated by the end of this fiscal quarter,� said Donahoe. �We will provide as much information as we can ..."    [Reference: Postal Early Retirement 2011]

Tags: Postal Early Retirement 2011, USPS Early Retirement 2011, Postal Early Retirement Rumors,
January 7, 2011:    Postal Employment Verification  "Verify your Postal Service Employment with any lender or business you are dealing with."    [Reference: Postal Employment Verification]

Tags: Postal Employment Verification

Dec. 6, 2010    Mesothelioma and the US Postal Service  "... So up until that time we would remove the brakes from the trucks with our bare hands. We would remove the brake drums and linings and there would usually be a big handful of black dust ..."    [Reference: Mesothelioma Newsgroup]

Tags: mesothelioma

   Postmaster General Announces Retirement  "The Postmaster General will retire December 3, 2010..."    [Reference: ]

Tags:Postmaster General to Retire, Postmaster General Retirement, Postmaster Retires, new Postmaster General,

October 13, 2010   2010 APWU Contract Negotiations   "... As a Mail Handler, it is wise to keep up with the APWU 2010 contract negotiations ..."    [Reference:]

Tags:2010 APWU Contract Negotiations

   Postal Voluntary Early Retirement Offer Again?  "... his one claims a July 2010 announcement. Additionally, the individual claims that the PMG was at their plant and ..."    [Reference:]

Tags: Postal retirement, USPS, Voluntary early retirement, VER, VERA, VSIP
May 25, 2010    Postal Service Benefits Eligibility  "... Q: I used to work for the U.S. Postal Service, first as a mail handler, clerk, then a letter carrier. I served for about 10 years. I am 55. What would I do to find out if I have benefits and how could I get them? ..."    [Reference:]

May 21, 20101   4 Arrested in post office drug bust (with video)  "... �The allegation was postal employees were involved in illegal activity to include the use of substances on postal property in Providence while on duty,� said Lt. Flaherty. ..."    [Reference:]

May 18, 2010   Many protest proposal to end Saturday mail delivery at postal hearing in Dallas  "... said their communities count on Saturday mail delivery for information. "We are the center for community news: births, deaths, marriages and graduations," Major said. "No other medium can serve the role of local news providers as we do." ..."    [Reference:]

May 16, 2010   USPS finds 20,000 pieces of mail in carrier's garage  "... The U-S Postal Service has recovered nearly 20,000 pieces of mail from a Philadelphia postal carrier's garage. ..."    [Reference:]

Postal Service won't have enough money to make payroll  

Postmaster General John Potter leads a cry for retrenchment  "... By fall, the Postal Service won't have enough money to make payroll, Potter predicts. But big customers, regulators, lawmakers and organized labor still have to be won over. ..."    [Reference:]

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Photos of President Hegarty Meeting With Presidential Candidate Sen. Obama      "... NPMHU President Hegarty Meets With Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 22, 2008:   2008 COLA   "... The upcoming Cost-of-living (COLA) adjustment for NPMHU and APWU represented postal employees will be $479 annually. This calculates to $.23c per hour, and is effective March 15, 2008 (reflected in the April 4, 2008 pay check). ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 17,2008: Rumors of.... USPS Postal Buyout? Volunteer Early Retirement? Plenty of rumors are floating around across the nation from postal facility to postal facility about postal early outs, USPS buyout programs and Volunteer Early Retirement (VERA). There are very few articles to be found on this subject. There is no doubt that the postal service is determined to reduce the numbers of employees substantially to justify the cost of automation as well as justifying the ridiculously low rates offered to big bulk mailers. Here are a couple of articles we have found on the subject. NOTE: None of this information has been verified, so take it with a grain of salt. The first article is from the Federal Times. This short article details the USPS' authority, or lack of authority, relative to offering a program to only CSRS and excluding FERS. The second article is from the This article references a letter from the Los Angeles APWU detailing an upcoming Volunteer Early Retirement Authority (VERA) approved by OPM. Again, we have not verified the source. However, we speculate, if the letter is genuine, there would not be many APWU members that would take this offer, as it offers no monetary incentive. L.A., due to the size of the district, would be a great test ground to determine if the USPS would be successful without an incentive ...not going to happen for the majority since it would be costly to an employee not at Minimum Retirement Age (MRA). What do you think? If you have any paperwork that the reference can be verified, please share it with us! [Reference: The Postal NewsGroup] Feb. 12, 2008:   Postal Job Scams   "... be aware that if you are seeking postal employment, you do not have to pay for study guides, as they are available for checkout at your local library. Additionally ..."    [Reference: The Postal Newsgroup]

Feb. 12, 2008:   Postal Service Offers First-Time Military Discount For New, Large Flat-Rate Box   "... Planning to send a care package to a U.S. military service member serving abroad? Send it after March 3 to take advantage of a new flat-rate box from the U.S. Postal Service that is 50 percent larger and delivered for $10.95 to an APO/FPO address — $2 less than for domestic destinations. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 12, 2008:   Stamps Increasing by One Cent to 42¢ on May 12   "... “The Postal Service developed the Forever Stamp for consumers to ease the transition during price changes,” said Postmaster General John Potter. “We encourage Americans to buy Forever Stamps now for 41 cents, because like the name suggests, they are good forever.” The price goes up to 42 cents on May 12. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 10, 2008:   NPMHU Files a National Level Grievance on Weighing the Mail   "... This process for notification is wholly unacceptable, and a flagrant violation of the National Agreement. Read the NPMHU letter here: ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 10, 2008:   Pension inequity an issue for Congress to fix, judge says   "... Just under 17,000 federal workers and 3,000 U.S. Postal Service workers get the 25 percent salary adjustments in Hawaii, with the remainder in Alaska. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 4, 2008:   MAIL HANDLER NEW WAGE SCALES EFFECTIVE ON FEBRUARY 16, 2008   "... All mail handlers will receive a general wage increase of 0.6% effective on February 16, 2008. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 4, 2008:   Postal agencies respond to mail decline   "... Sellers, 40, now pays most bills online and receives financial statements electronically. The owner of Sellers Photo in Huntsville, Ala., he also has cut down on mailing clients CDs, transferring images over the Internet instead. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 4, 2008:   Domain name in the works for post office   "... A new "dot-post" Internet address in the works aims to set apart the electronic services increasingly offered by postal agencies around the world. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 1, 2008:   TSP Current Returns   "... These returns are net of the effect of accrued administrative expenses and investment expenses/costs. The performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, so that investors' shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 1, 2008:   Chicago mail service improving, but overnight service still among worst in U.S.   "... while the improvements narrowed the gap between Chicago and other regions, the overnight delivery rate continued to lag behind most of the markets ..."    [Reference:]

Feb. 1, 2008:   Alan Kessler Elected Chairman, Postal Service Board of Governors   "... substantial experience in the defense of class-action litigation, including securities, antitrust, toxic tort and civil rights cases as well as a government relations and counseling practice. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 29, 2008:   Teens' explosive device injures postal worker   "... The postal worker found a second device inside the home's mailbox Saturday and suffered minor chemical burns and an inhalation injury, police said. The Clayton County police bomb squad detonated the device, and no other injuries were reported. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 29, 2008:   Teen Accused of Shooting Postal Worker In Court   "... Omaha, NE - A teen accused of shooting at a postal worker last August asked a judge to transfer his case to juvenile court today. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 29, 2008:   Nigeria: Union Members Kick Against Postal Reform Bill   "... The union members who are angry with the dwindling fortune of the Nigerian Telecommunication Limited (NITEL), and the Nigerian Mobiletelecommunication (MTEL) since they were sold to Transnational Corporation (Transcorp), urged the federal government to put the postal reform bill in abeyance ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 24, 2008:   The future of buyouts   "... UAW and Ford have set the stage for future buyouts in labor intensive industries where automation, subcontracting, illegal immigration, and foreign competition have taken a heavy toll on the U.S. blue-collar worker. Large unions that represent America's postal workers, like the American Postal Workers Union and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, continuously monitor the labor climate during these troubled times to garner equal or greater results. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 24, 2008:   NSPS Payout Tops Regular Raises   "... The average Army, Navy and/or Air Force civilian under NSPS got a 5.4 percent pay raise, plus a 1.7 percent bonus for a total of 7.6 percent. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 24, 2008:   Mail Handler Pay Increase Reminder   "... February 16, 2008 (PP05-2008), is the date and pay period for the next general wage increase scheduled to be added to base wages for the Mail Handler craft. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 19, 2008:   APWU, NALC Sue USPS and Inspector General Over Invasion of Medical-Records Privacy   "... The suit alleges that the OIG has routinely instructed medical providers that they must submit records to the OIG and that they should refrain from notifying affected employees that the records have been requested by the OIG. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 19, 2008:   [Thrift Savings Plan] Can You Risk Playing It Safe?   "... "FERS employees (the majority of people now working for Uncle Sam) have the most difficult situation," he said. Because they have smaller civil service retirement benefits, and get diet-COLAs which don't kick in until age 62 ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 19, 2008:   Study Finds Postal Service Gets No Edge   "... Indeed, federally imposed restraints on the post office's operations increase its costs to provide competitive products by an estimated $330 million to $782 million a year, the FTC said. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 16, 2008:   USPS consolidates HR systems   "... Officials say the new platform, which was completed in October, will help employees and HR managers. Employees can access HR information and apply for USPS jobs online, and supervisors can use new online management and administrative tools. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 16, 2008:   How much to mail it?   "... the U.S. Postal Service is a business, not a civil agency whose sole purpose is to serve us. It stopped receiving federal funding 1971 and has struggled since to strike a balance between being a quasi-federal agency and a major corporation. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 16, 2008:   FEEA 2008-09 Scholarship Application available now!   "... FEEA's Scholarship Program is an annual, merit-based contest open to civilian federal and postal employees, their spouses and college-age children. Awards range from $500-$2,500 for one year. Applications are available January - March each year. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 11, 2008:   Are You Overpaid?   "... At least three presidents - Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton - thought so. They believed federal pay was out of line because the value of perks like retirements, holidays, and cradle-to-grave health insurance weren't considered as part of compensation. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 11, 2008:   [Alaska] Former Kipnuk postmaster faces charges for assaulting workers   "... a postal employee in Kipnuk since December 2000, and became the officer in charge in September 2007. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 11, 2008:   U.S. Postal Service Gets Scientific With New Stamps   "... Due for self-adhesive glory are physicist John Bardeen, inventor of the transistor; astronomer Edwin Hubble ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 7, 2007:    2008 Federal Salary Tables and Related Information   "... General Schedule and Locality Pay Tables, 2008 Locality Payments and Total Pay Increases for General Schedule Employees, Senior Executive Service, Special Salary Rate Tables ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 7, 2007:   [TSP] Investing: How Safe Is Playing It Safe?   "... Last year (2007) the value of a single share of the international stock index fund, the I-fund, went up $2.32. That may not sound like much unless you have a lot of shares, or unless you compare it with the performance of the super-safe treasury securities G-fund. The value of a G-fund share you had in January of last year went up only 56 cents by the end of the year. ..."    [Reference:]

Jan. 7, 2007:   New Stamp Series Will Observe Chinese New Year   "... In observance of the Chinese New Year, the U.S. Postal Service will debut a new stamp series for the 12 different animals in the Chinese calendar. The series will continue through 2019. The first stamp in the series is for the Year of the Rat, which begins Feb. 7, 2008 and ends Jan. 25, 2009. ..."    [Reference:]

December 31, 2007:   Let the Rumors Begin   "... chances are you will be getting bogus reports - typically via e-mail and often disguised as a "news" story - saying the super buyout of CSRS folks is in the works. It isn't! ..."    [Reference:]

December 31, 2007:   House Mail Network Protection Act Gains Seven Co-Sponsors Prior to Holiday Break   "... asked union activists to make the bill a priority. It is imperative that union members contact their representatives and let them know that this legislation is important to the future of the Postal Service and to postal workers, Burrus said. ..."    [Reference:]

December 31, 2007:   USPS seeks comment on proposed uses of Intelligent Mail barcodes   "... The notice is expected to be published in the Federal Register sometime in January. Once published, a 45-day comment period will begin. ..."    [Reference:]

December 26, 2007:   New surveillance video released of postal service robbery   "... hid under the truck as he waited for the postal employee to return from his fourth pick-up of money ..."    [Reference:]

December 26, 2007:   Letters to Santa ... Merry Christmas   "... Leesville main USPS branch Sales and Service Associate, as she sorts letters headed to the North Pole. ..."    [Reference:]

December 26, 2007:   How does your mail get from here to there?   "... FAMOUS POSTAL EMPLOYEES, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, Rock Hudson, Charles Lindbergh, Knute Rockne, Noah Webster, William Faulkner. ..."    [Reference:]

December 21, 2007:    Postal truck hijacked, looted in Roxbury   "... The postal driver had stopped at the Roxbury Post Office on Malcolm X Boulevard about 7:30 p.m. and was walking toward his truck when a man appeared from underneath the trailer, grabbed him and pulled him into the cab. ..."    [Reference:]

December 21, 2007:   A day in the life: U.S. Postal Service carrier   "... mainly I do it because people don't expect it," he said. "Their package is unexpected, and they give an unexpected smile. That's what makes it worthwhile. ..."    [Reference:]

December 21, 2007:   Postal Service removing stamp machines   "... It was a decision made at the national level, Field said. The vending equipment is old, and they decided to go with the alternative of selling stamps at the convenience counters of retail outlets. ..."    [Reference:]

December 17, 2007:    CHARLIE LANGFORD: Some trivia, facts and figures for the holiday season   "... The USPS is the only delivery service that claims to deliver to every address in the nation, 146 million homes and businesses, six days a week. The Postal Service also delivers almost half the world's mail. ..."    [Reference:]

December 17, 2007:   Thousands Of Postal Workers Not Paid   "... The United States Postal Service says 14 thousand rural route mail carriers across the country did not get a paycheck this week because of a glitch in the payroll system. ..."    [Reference:]

December 17, 2007:   GAO to USPS: Address database errors   "... USPS developed the FDB in 2003 to capture and maintain data on the agencys 34000 facilities nationwide, but five years later, the database is still not the ..."    [Reference:]

December 11, 2007:   Town of North Pole, Alaska, Flooded With Letters to Santa   "... Around Thanksgiving, they start pouring in by the thousands each day as Christmas approaches. ..."    [Reference:]

December 11, 2007:   Campaign to stop Closures, Privatization and Deregulation at Canada Post   "... Postal union wants comprehensive and public review of international mail issue ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Dec. 10, 2007:   President Bush Delivers December 24 as a Day Off for Federal Employees   "... The day off does not affect Postal Service workers, nor does it include Executive Branch employees whose agencies determine they cannot be excused for reasons of national security, defense or other essential public need. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Dec. 10, 2007:    USAJOBS Connects with Major Search Engines Initiative raises visibility of Federal job postings   "... For example, someone who types in a job title on Google or other engines, such as "IT Specialist" or "Electrical Engineer", will now also see links to Federal vacancy announcements in those fields. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Dec. 10, 2007:   Netflix Deals with Ultimatum from U.S. Postal Service   "... Although the issue hasn't been discussed by any of the Postal Service officials, Steve Swasey, a Netflix representative, stated: "We're in full compliance with U.S. Postal Service regulations and specifications If the specifications of the post office were to change, we would change the mailer as necessary. We've already gone through 40 to 50 iterations of the mailer since Netflix started shipping DVDs a decade ago. He also added: We save them about $100 million a year. We pick up the returns from the post office. They are not delivered to Netflix, even though we're paying for it. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Dec. 10, 2007:   PTFs in Large Offices Eliminated as of Dec. 1 New Limits on Numbers of Casuals Also Go Into Effect (APWU)   "... Dec. 1, 2007, will be a historic day for postal labor,APWU President William Burrus declared this week. It marks the elimination of part-time flexible employment for the Clerk Craft in large offices. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Nov. 30, 2007:   Royal Oak postal employee robbed at gunpoint   "... The two men popped up near the docking ramp in the back of the facility, located on West Second Street, and pointed guns at the man ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Nov. 30, 2007:    Is Netflix Costing the Post Office Millions? A New Audit Suggests That the Postal Service Is Undercharging the DVD Service   "... The mailers the customers use to return DVDs to the companies often jam in the Postal Service's automatic mail sorters. So instead, 70 percent or so of the DVDs need to be sorted by hand, costing the Postal Service roughly $21 million in extra labor costs each year. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Nov. 30, 2007:   RETURN TO SENDER: mail center complaints surface Efficiency of LMU Mail Center in question.   "... USPS regarding his missing mail. "I have found documentation of them handing it over to LMU, but LMU says they have no records of it. I've done my research. I've called the head of the Westchester office and they have been more helpful than LMU," said Morales. ..."    [Reference:]

۞ Nov. 28, 2007:   Postal Service has tips for sending letters to Santa   "... Many children eager for Christmas may have already written their letters to Santa. But where to send those letters? ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 28, 2007:   [APWU] Burrus Issues Stinging Rebuke To USPS Inspector General: Audit Lacks Relevance, Ignores Legislative Mandate to Bargain   "... The APWU president also criticized the Inspector General for the OIGs failure to address billions of dollars granted to major mailers in excessive worksharing discounts. Despite the enormity of this loss of revenue, your office has failed to document and analyze this egregious violation of the integrity and accountability of the Postal Service. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 28, 2007:    AT&T Delivers 5,400 BlackBerry's to USPS Employees  "... deploying 5,400 BlackBerry devices, equipped with specialized mobile applications, to United States Postal Service (USPS) employees. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 22, 2007:   Lawyers prompt Postal Service to tighten its Santa letter rules   "... On the advice of his legal counsel, Santa Claus is changing the way he does business. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 22, 2007:   Postal services   "... The US Postal Service is offering an online card and postage service enabling customers to purchase and send holiday cards from their home computer ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 22, 2007:   NCED by the numbers   "... 1969 USPS began training operations in Norman on top two floors of... They served 7,000 students in three training programs with a $4 million budget. ..."    [ ]

Nov. 20, 2007:    APWU-Backed Bill Introduced in Congress: Legislation Would Compel USPS to Bargain Over Subcontracting   "... The requirement to bargain will enhance our ability to oppose wasteful, inefficient and detrimental subcontracting, he said. Too often contracting out ends up costing the Postal Service more than if the work were performed by postal employees, and too often subcontracting is ineffective and the contractors service to the public is poor. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 20, 2007:   AF postal squadron ready for for the coming holiday crush   "... The Air Forces 2nd Air Postal Squadron handles all mail sent to and from the States to military members and their families in Europe. The center also processes mail sent from Europe downrange. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 14, 2007:   Job security still eludes some postal employees   "... "They (the Postal Service) say we have too many employees," American Postal Workers Union Local No. 469 President Angela Walters said by phone Tuesday. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 14, 2007:   Postal Service chili champion delivers a winner   "... Scott Crumrine may work in the U.S. Postal Service's maintenance division, but he "delivered" for the agency a couple of weeks ago. Not mail -- but award-winning chili. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 14, 2007:   UPDATED MAIL HANDLER WAGE CHARTS   "... The second of six general wage increases to be paid to all mail handlers under the 2006 National Agreement will be implemented effective November 24, 2007, and will be reflected in paychecks on December 14, 2007 (PP25-2007). ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 7, 2007:   Panama City post office investigation under way   "... Citys postmaster has been replaced temporarily, pending the outcome of an investigation into the post office. The Office of Inspector General for the Postal Service began an investigation into the local office this week, said OIG Spokesman Dan Mihalko. ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 7, 2007:    2008 Election Belongs to You   "... Even though we'll have to have another election to get it, he praised union members for demanding that the current president appoint people to the Labor Department and National Labor Relations Board who actually believe in the labor laws of America and think they ought to be enforced ..."    [Reference:]

Nov. 3, 2007:   BUY UNION BUY AMERICAN   "... When you Buy Union, you also ensure that you are using your hard earned money to make purchases of quality goods and services. So, to use an old catch-phrase: Look for the Union label.,,,,,,, ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 30, 2007:   How's Your Balance? Compared To What?   "... Most federal and postal workers, and many retirees, have accounts in the federal Thrift Savings Plan. A growing number have balances in excess of one million dollars. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 30, 2007:    Postal Regulatory Commission: USPS Could Lose Millions in Proposed Deal   "... Commissioner Ruth Y. Goldway agreed in part with Tisdales dissent: First and foremost, through this NSA, the Postal Service will lose between $25 and $45 million and opens itself if it is to be fair to other similarly situated mailers to lose much more. But Goldway ultimately decided to go along with the majority and voted to approve the NSA with the Bank of America. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 28, 2007:   Does MSPB Order Supersede Union Agreement?   "... contended that the Board's order superseded the national union agreement. The court disagreed: "We reject this view. [W]e agree that an agency is not required, pursuant to the terms of a Board order, to assign an employee to a particular position when that assignment would violate the applicable collective bargaining agreement." ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 28, 2007:   Pay for Doorstep Delivery   "... New Homeowners Decry Cluster Boxes": Why doesn't the U.S. Postal Service offer the service of delivery to the homeowner's house but for a fee? ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 26, 2007:   Beware Buddies Bearing Buyouts   "... The USPS yesterday advised employees that the "buyout offer" they've been reading about, with very official-looking documentation, is a fake. A fraud. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 26, 2007:   UPDATED MAIL HANDLER WAGE CHARTS: Including November 2007 Wage Increase   "... The second of six general wage increases to be paid to all mail handlers under the 2006 National Agreement will be implemented effective November 24, 2007, and will be reflected in paychecks on December 14, 2007 (PP25-2007). ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 26, 2007:   Montgomery County Neighbors: Postal Service Won't Deliver Mail   "... According to Rutland, they've tried to come to an agreement with the Postal Service, but he says they won't give any of their recommendations a stamp of approval. He says, "It's almost discriminatory. For $.41, they won't deliver my mail to the box in front of my house." ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 18, 2007:   [Federal Employees] A Slightly Sweeter Diet COLA   "... The 2.3 percent adjustment will show up in your January annuity payment minus deductions for taxes and for higher (in some cases) health insurance. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 18, 2007:    GlobalOptions Group Clarifies USPS Award   "... program is with the United States Postal Services Office of Inspector General. GlobalOptions Group will work with the Office of Inspector Generals Workers Compensation Analyst (WCA) program to investigate and combat workers compensation fraud. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 18, 2007:   USPS sells out on zip code   "... The U.S. Postal Service has allowed Saks Fifth Avenue to have its own vanity zip code - for the shoe department at its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York. It was just rechristened "10022-SHOE." Saks is the first entity to receive such a customized code. The Postal Service maintains that these last four letters are just a fun, creative marketing strategy and that they have nothing to do with processing or delivery. ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 7, 2007:   Falling Prices & Suspicious Minds   "... Mike Causey: While the prices of everything seem to go up, why would the "cost of living" go down? ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 7, 2007:   American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO 2007 Unofficial Election Results 10/6/2007 15:00   "... Ballots for the APWU Election of National Officers are being counted by the American Arbitration Association, under the supervision of the APWU National Election Committee. The results are preliminary and unofficial, and will be updated frequentl ..."    [Reference:]

Oct. 7, 2007:   BOG approves USPS 2008 financial plan   "... The Board of Governors approved continuing to reduce costs by building on our automation effort and by expanding standardization in all functions, [which includes improving the] use of data to target service improvements and cost reduction opportunities, and to better align our workforce to a changing workload; ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 30, 2007:   Mr. Lebron "DT" Bass, Huntsville, AL; Mail Handler  "... July 23, 1961 - September 20, 2007 ... Rest in peace ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 30, 2007:   USPS revises standard for mailing medical waste   "... so that medical professionals as well as individuals can mail medical waste to disposal sites in larger containers. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 30, 2007:      "... The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is accepting online applications for Postal Inspector positions from October 1 through October 5. Click here to fill out an on-line application or visit our Employment site for more information. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept.24, 2007:   North Dakota Post Office closed due to tornado   "... The Northwood, ND, Post Office remains damaged after being struck by a tornado. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept.24, 2007:   Open Season. Make That Open Seasons   "... In less than two months (November 12), the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will start its annual federal employee "benefits" open season. The "benefits" open season will last through December 10, with any changes taking effect in the beginning of January 2008. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept.24, 2007:   UAW to strike against GM if 11 a.m. deadline comes without deal   "... If no agreement was reached, bargaining committee members would clear the plant of unionized workers at 11 a.m., and many would head to the picket lines ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 17, 2007:   Prunes force evacuation of Sandy Springs post office   "... What kind of message can be divined from a bunch of jars filled with chopped prunes, a photo of President Bush, some Homeland Security pamphlets and a Santa Claus toy with a "New York" tag around its neck? ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 17, 2007:   2008 VEHICLES BUILT BY UNION MEMBERS IN THE UNITED STATES & CANADA   "... his guide is prepared by the UAW to provide information for consumers who want to purchase vehicles produced by workers who enjoy the benefits and protections of a union contract. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 17, 2007:   US Postal Truck Stolen and Set on Fire   "... taken into custody at a nearby rest stop, where he was sleeping in the cab of the truck, along with pieces of stolen mail. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 17, 2007:   NPMHU 2006 National Agreement   "... Copies of the Agreement booklet are in the process of being mailed to all NPMHU members. Please follow this link to review a PDF version of the contract. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 17, 2007:   XMED MAIL SYSTEM   "... Waste is conveniently transported to the XMED Disposal Facility by the United States Postal Service in compliance with all federal regulations. XMED received approval from the United States Postal Service on January 23rd of this year after almost 15 months in development and testing. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 16, 2007:   UAW, GM negotiators break for the night; talks to resume Sunday   "... The union is looking for terms that will secure factory jobs and stem the outsourcing of work to nonunion labor. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 16, 2007:   Postal worker moonlights as a diehard for diehards   "...Ask most people who deal with him, and they'll say Salazar is a different breed: aggressive, dedicated and persistent. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 11, 2007:   Remembering 9-11   "... Never before seen Video of WTC 9/11 attack found here ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 10, 2007:   USPS Must Do More For Veterans   "... The Postal Service has systematically eliminated or contracted out the six job classifications that, under the Veterans Preference Act are restricted to applying veterans ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 10, 2007:   COLA OF $686 TO BE ADDED TO BASE WAGES   "... will be reflected in paychecks on September 21, 2007 (PP19-2007). ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 10, 2007:   Postal Truck Driver Killed At Mail Processing Center   "... A contract driver for the U.S. Postal Service, a single mother of three, was killed at the Dulles processing and distribution center when she was pulled under a tractor-trailer and dragged, authorities said yesterday. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 10, 2007:    Postal prizes: Kiosks give you shot at payoffs   "... "We liken it to automatic kiosks at banks or airports," Walton said. "When they were first introduced, people didn't go to them. They wanted to deal with a live person for every transaction. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 10, 2007:   Man finds a lot of mail under some bushes   "... oel Leija says he was cleaning his parent's yard in northeast Houston when he found stacks of letters and packages. Some were certified letters, credit card bills and even child support checks. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 4, 2007:   July 2007 TSP Current Rates of Return   "... Rates of Return were updated on August 1, 2007. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 4, 2007:   Bridging Two Worlds, USPS Deaf Awareness Month   "... the Postal Service has approximately 4,000 deaf employees nationwide, including 95 in Colorado. Denver has the nation's highest population of deaf and hard-of-hearing postal employees with 65. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 4, 2007:   ScanMyPhotos.coms image raised by USPS flat-rate box   "... ScanMyPhotos charges a flat $99.95 to scan as many photos as can be packed into a single flat-rate box. Built into that fee is the $8.95 USPS flat rate for priority shipping. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 4, 2007:   Pay Raise, Tax Cut: What Are The Odds?   "... All of them would be possible - the pay raise, the annuity boost, the tax break - if Congress would get moving on three bills that have overwhelming support (in Congress) but can't get through Congress. Confused? Welcome to Washington, sometimes known as Disneyland East. ..."    [Reference:]

Sept. 4, 2007:   Ex-postal clerk guilty of mail theft   "... sentenced to three years on probation. ..."    [Reference:]

August 27, 2007:   UAW influence on national labor agenda fading   "... the public needs to realize that good pensions and benefits don't come automatically but must be earned through hard bargaining. "I think maybe it's taken for granted that that stuff is automatically given to employees," he said. "I don't think the public is really aware of the impact that it's going to have on retirements and ..."    [Reference:]

August 27, 2007:   Mail call: Local carrier celebrates 50 years on the job   "... "When I left for Alabama A&M, I had no intention of returning until I had graduated," he said. "My mom kinda got in a tight, so I took my tuition and helped her. I never went back and got what I really wanted, but never regretted what I did for my mother." ..."    [Reference:]

August 27, 2007:   You've got mail! When it comes to delivering DVDs, and guarding secrets, Netflix runs a tight ship   "... Netflix, the movie-rental company, a veritable postal service within the postal service. How does the right movie get to the right person on the right day with greater than 99 percent accuracy? ..."    [Reference:]

August 22, 2007:   2006 National Agreement   "...Copies of the Agreement booklet are in the process of being mailed to all NPMHU members. Please follow this link to review a PDF version of the contract. ..."    [Reference:npmhu ]

August 22, 2007:   A Conversation with Ronald Williams Jr. author of Deep Inside LiteBlue and Thinking Inside The LiteBlue Box.   "... I was motivated to write my books because forums for employee discussion are nonexistent in my working environment. Whenever anyone has an opinion, idea or plain old feedback we are barked at with the comments that's your perception or I'm not here to argue and the discussion ends there ..."    [Reference:]

August 15, 2007:   Latest CPI Rise Will Yield $686 Annual Increase   "... The COLA will be effective Sept. 1, and will be reflected in Sept. 21 paychecks (Pay Period 19-07). The adjustment will amount to a 33 cents per hour increase, or $26.40 per pay period. ..."    [Reference:]

August 13, 2007:   Postal workers battle the heat to deliver the mail   "They work harder than any of us realize, she said. They've got to be out there in temperatures of 102 and 103 and into a metal vehicle with no air conditioning and hotter than it is outside. It's hard work. It's risky. I think all the people would like to say thank you."    [Reference:]

August 13, 2007:   Postal Service: Our building is not for sale   "... A snag developed last week in the plans to put Fernandina Beach City Hall on the second and third floors of the 1912 Post office building downtown: The Postal Service told backers of the plan the building isn't for sale."    [Reference:]

August 9, 2007:   'Most improved' -- but still worst   "...according to Chicago postmaster Gloria Tyson. But mail delivery in city ZIP codes remains the nation's worst. In the most recent audit, Chicago lagged behind big cities including..."    [Reference:]

August 9, 2007:   Balchs have proud history of service here and abroad   "... Samuel and Joe Sr. were letter carriers for the post office. ..."    [Reference:]

August 9, 2007:   Dogs rout delivery of mail to 639 addresses BITES AND BOTHER: Mail carriers have reported 79 incidents this year.   "... Instead of delivering mail to each of the 639 addresses in the neighborhood, which is south of Beach Boulevard and east of Southside Boulevard, the mail will be delivered to the box units being installed in eight locations throughout the affected area ..."    [Reference:]

August 7, 2007:   Lawsuit over personal data brings out postal workers   "... Four days after a Seattle law firm accused the U.S. Postal Service of selling the personal information of employees without consent, more than 100 postal workers have come forward saying they want restitution. ..."    [Reference:]

July 30, 2007:    Tennessee AMP Study Terminated   "... After review, it has been determined that there are currently no significant opportunities to improve efficiency and/or service through consolidation of certain mail processing operations at the Jackson, TN Post Office into the Memphis, TN Processing and Distribution Center, the Postal Service wrote ..."    [Reference:]

July 30, 2007:   (UK) Postal worker stabbed by needle   "... A postwoman faces an agonising wait to see if she has contracted any diseases after she was stabbed in the hand with a hypodermic needle ..."    [Reference:]

July 30, 2007:   Postal Facts 2007   "... We * Process and deliver more than 213 billion pieces of mail letters, cards, ads, bills, payments and packages every year. o Nearly 703 million pieces per day o More than 29 million pieces per hour o More than 488,000 pieces per minute o More than 8,000 pieces per second * Deliver mail to more than 300 million people at 146 million homes ..."    [Reference:]

July 26, 2007:   Buyout Rumor Appears to be False -   "... It is speculated that the rumors began to spread due to a FY 2007 buyout in another agency. ..."    [Reference: see FAQ from other agency]

July 26, 2007:   COLA's and the Federal Retiree: A Mid-Term Report   "...the COLA increase is determined by a formula that is automatically applied each year. A retiree wil not know until late in the year how much of an increase there will be in next year's retirement check. The Department of Labor calculates the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for urban wage earners and clerical workers from the third quarter average of the previous year to the third quarter average for the current year. ..."    [Reference:]

July 26, 2007:   Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Update   "... In June, the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) rose to 607.374. After the fifth month of the six-month measuring period, and assuming the adjustment was made based on the June index point, the second COLA under the 2006-2010 National Agreement would be $728, which works out to $28.00 per pay period or 35 cents per hour. However, the adjustment will be made based on the July 2007 index and will be effective Sept. 1, 2007 (pay period 19-2007, pay date Sept. 21, 2007). ..."    [Reference:]

July 26, 2007:   Too Sick To Work at One Agency But Not A Second One   "... The court points to the USPS Employee and Labor Relations Manual which states at Section 513.312 that "[a]n employee who is in sick leave status may not engage in any gainful employment unless prior approval has been granted by appropriate authority." The court finds reasonable and defers to the agency's interpretation of this policy that outside employment is not permitted "during any day for which an employee has taken sick leave" unless specifically approved by USPS. (p. 2) ..."    [Reference:]

July 24, 2007:   Carlsbad man powerful ally for superheroes stamps   "... As one of six art directors for the U.S. Postal Service, the Carlsbad resident coordinated the design of a new Marvel Super Heroes commemorative stamp series. ..."    [Reference:]

July 19, 2007:   Postal carrier shot in Cal City   "... The gunman had drawn his gun when the mailman got out of the vehicle, and the man shot him in the leg with a small revolver, Krenn said. The gunman appeared interested in robbing the mailman, not stealing mail ..."    [Reference:]

July 19, 2007:   Postal service to offer Flight 93 postmark   "... I'll start getting calls as soon as it's out, she said. Some people collect them. Some people just want keepsakes. ..."    [Reference:]

July 19, 2007:   NALC - Tentative Agreement Highlights   "... Under proposed terms, the average letter carrier salary would increase $4,200 over the life of the contract solely from general wage increases. ..."    [Reference:]

July 18, 2007:   Postman who vanished is charged in federal court   "... Police in Columbus discovered Jordan at a coin-operated laundry Saturday after a customer reported seeing a handgun in a man's travel bag. They arrested Jordan on a charge of unlawful possession of a handgun. ..."    [Reference:]

July 14, 2007:   NALC-USPS Negotiators Settle On Five-Year National Contract   "... The agreement, retroactive to November 21, 2006, provides general wage increases of 8.85 percent over five years along with regular cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) and a single lump-sum COLA payment of $686 for the period between July 2006 and May 2007. ..."    [Reference:]

July 14, 2007:   Mail Man Disappears   "... His truck was found by co-workers in downtown Greenfield with the mail still inside. Jordan usually parks his truck in the morning and walks his route. ..."    [Reference:]

July 11, 2007:   Ex-postal exec enters guilty plea to years of graft   "... A former supervisor of more than 75 post offices in New Jersey yesterday admitted steering contracts to private businesses in return for cash and other favors and also to getting an employee to do work at his home. ..."    [Reference:]

July 11, 2007:   U.S. Compiling Suspect List in Goldman Mail Threats   "... investigators are probing whether 31 letters sent to media outlets threatening an attack on Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the world's biggest securities firm, were mailed by disgruntled employees, a federal official said. ..."    [Reference:]

July 11, 2007:   OPM modifies rules for figuring certain employees' retirement benefits   "... According to an OPM benefits administration letter, federal employees on workers' compensation who hold a full-time appointment but are able to work only part-time now will be credited for full-time service. ..."    [Reference:]

July 9, 2007:   [Fairbanks, AK] Postal changes aim to thin lines   "... Local postal leaders said they have not been allowed to replace employees lost over the past few years to relocation or retirement, leaving large gaps in operations. The current realignment aims to fix this staffing shortage by combining and shifting job duties. ..."    [Reference:]

July 9, 2007:   Postal service facing change   "... "I think within the next six to eight months the Congress of the United States is going to decide an issue that's going to determine whether or not we have a reliable, efficient postal service in the future," said William H. Young, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers. ..."    [Reference:]

July 9, 2007:   $525,000 house, no mailbox?   "... The National Association of Home Builders is lobbying against communal delivery. A.J. Holliday, a lawyer for the Washington-based interest group, called the new postal strategy "discrimination" against people buying new homes. ..."    [Reference:]

July 5, 2007:   Chain-linked deception: Letters raise red flags   "... her daily mail, there was an offer in it that supposedly allowed the prospective participant to make as much as $250,000 in just a few weeks time. ..."    [Reference:]

July 5, 2007:   Despite Majority Support, EFCA Blocked in Senate   "...The Employee Free Choice Act (S. 1041) would give American workers greater freedom to make their own choices about joining unions. EFCA would stiffen penalties for harassment, intimidation, and other illegal tactics employers often use to prevent workers from having a voice at work and being able to bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. The legislation would also recognize workers freedom to form unions when a majority of employees sign forms designating a union as their bargaining representative. ... ... Voted Against EFCA: Sessions (R-AL), Shelby (R-AL) ..."    [Reference:]

July 5, 2007:   Jail time for postal carriers   "... sentences of four U.S. Postal Service workers arrested for selling cocaine and marijuana, at times from their post office vehicles. ..."    [Reference:]

July 1, 2007:   "(AP) Postal Service fined for violation at building with asbestos" - OAK RIDGE, Tenn.   "... dust from crumbling old floor tiles at a U.S. Postal Service building in Oak Ridge "could cause health hazards," a federal report states. ..."    [Reference:]

July 1, 2007:   Trainee signatures are not required to verify training; U.S. Postal Service is covered by the OSHAct   "... There is no OSHA standard that requires "the signatures of all employees in attendance for all safety stand up talks." However, certain OSHA standards, such as our Personal Protective Equipment standard, 29 CFR 1910.132, require verification, through a written certification, that each affected employee has received and understood the required training. The written certification must contain the name of each employee trained, the date(s) of training, and identify the subject of the certification. It is a common industry practice to take attendance of all employees who attended training sessions, however, OSHA does not require signatures from employees who have attended training sessions. ..."    [Reference:]

July 1, 2007:   Ex-postal employee confesses to crime   "... pleaded guilty in US District Court to felony money handling charges for issuing herself a money order she did not pay for to pay off a traffic ticket. ..."    [Reference:]

June 30, 2007:   APWU Goes High-Tech: Union Web Site Now Features Membership Info   "... allows union members to review their membership information, find out how to contact their union representatives, and in the coming weeks will permit members to register online for national conferences and training seminars. ..."    [Reference:]

June 30, 2007:    House Passes Pay Raise   "... Included in the bill are: a 3.5 percent pay adjustment for civilian federal workers ..."    [Reference:]

June 25, 2007:   Across the nation, federal employees making top dollar   "... The average federal worker made $59,864 in 2005, compared with the average salary of $40,505 in the private sector, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ..."    [Reference:]

June 25, 2007:   N.O. postmaster prepared for customer complaints   "... It required me to file a Freedom of Information Act request to simply find out how many complaints have been filed in the New Orleans region in the past five years. The USPS wont release the information, which it claims is proprietary. That excuse should be returned to sender. ..."    [Reference:]

June 19, 2007:   CHICAGO POSTAL SERVICE COMES UNDER FIRE   "... The picture he painted was not pretty. ..."    [Reference:]

June 19, 2007:   Postal Service Celebrates Weddings   "... the Postal Service will introduce two unique wedding stamps, the latest in its Wedding series. Featuring vines that form the shape of a heart, these stamps were designed especially for mailing wedding invitations and RSVPs ..."    [Reference:]

June 19, 2007:   Going postal: Snakes found in garden gnomes   "... Seven snakes and eight lizards were detected in two packages at the Australia Post gateway facility at Clyde in western Sydney. ..."    [Reference:]

June 13, 2007:   US Postal Service honors Gerald Ford   "... The release of the 41-cent stamp, scheduled for Aug. 31, will be marked by dedication ceremonies at Rancho Mirage, Calif., and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Mich. ..."    [Reference:]

June 13, 2007:   Postal Service Wins White House Environmental Awards   "... prestigious environmental awards - one for a revenue-generating recycling program and another for an E-85 alternative fuel project. ..."    [Reference:]

June 13, 2007:   In the Know: What's with Postal Service in Naples?   "... Q: What's with the U.S. Postal Service in Naples? Are they slowly leaving us? They are eliminating mailboxes all over the place. ... A: While we have adjusted the number of collection boxes in years past we have not removed or relocated collection boxes in the Naples delivery area since March of 2006, said Gary Sawtelle, a regional spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service. ..."    [Reference:]

June 13, 2007:    Zanesville (Ohio) Consolidation Study Terminated   "... After review, it has been determined that there are currently no significant opportunities to improve efficiency and/or service through consolidation of certain mail processing operations at the Zanesville OH Post Office into the Columbus, OH Processing and Distribution Center, the Postal Service wrote ..."    [Reference:]

June 10, 2007:   PRC to hold field hearings on new postal law   "... The PRC said others who wish to submit comments or testimony may do so via its electronic filing system. All comments and testimony received, including responses to questions from commissioners, will be transcribed, posted on the PRC's Web site, and used to inform the PRC's decisions. ..."    [Reference:]

June 10, 2007:   Postal Rates Pricey for Activists But Not Big Business   "... They snuck in dozens of subtle changes which will greatly increase the cost of communication, especially for the small user -- for whom the post office was created. ..."    [Reference:]

June 8, 2007:   June 8, 1959: They'll Never Complain About Slow Postal Service Again   "... Rocket mail becomes when 3,000 pieces of mail are delivered by a cruise missile fired from a U.S. Navy submarine. ..."    [Reference:]

June 8, 2007:   
APWU Drops RI-399 Lawsuit   "... The APWU accepts the Postal Service's position on OCR Mail Preparation (Case H7C-3Q-C 16764). The Postal Service's position, as articulated on February 20, 1990, is as follows: The basic function of cutting bundles, fraying mail and otherwise preparing mail for the OCR operations is primary craft work of the mail handler craft and should be so assigned..."    [Reference:]

June 8, 2007:   APWU Sues USPS, Advisory Committee For Conducting Policy-Making in Secret   "... It is unconscionable for the Postal Service to develop its most important policies in secret in consultation with a select group of business mailers, while excluding individual citizens and small businesses. CEOs of the largest mailers must not be permitted to decide the future of the U.S. Mail. ..."    [Reference:]

June 8, 2007:   The U.S. Postal Service's $61 million settlement   "... The Settlement offers up to $25,000 each to employees who can show they were discriminated against because of their rehabilitation status. The amount of the settlement is based on the severity of the discrimination and the timing of their injury. The settlement also requires postal officials to ensure that managers do not discriminate against rehabilitating employees. ..."    [Reference:]

June 8, 2007:   Missouri Postmaster Arrested For Selling Drugs On The Job   "... sold methadone for cash, traded Vicodin for another prescription drug and possessed methamphetamine while on the job. ..."    [Reference:]

June 6, 2007:   Anti-Globalization Protesters Block Access to G-8   "...Protest organizers, which include anti-capitalist movement Attac, environmental organization Greenpeace, Germany's Left Party, church groups and labor unions, have distanced themselves from the violence, focusing on criticism of policies pursued by industrialized nations that they say benefit the rich at the expense of the poor and the environment. ..."    [Reference:]

June 6, 2007:   Bomb targeting police found at post office   "... The Missouri Highway Patrol Bomb Unit was called in and rendered the package safe soon after X-raying the package and confirming that it contained an explosive device. ..."    [Reference:]

June 6, 2007:   USPS defends temporary fix   "... "I believe the Postal Service is being short-sighted with its decision to hire these workers on a temporary basis," Domenici said. "Mail delivery problems have been critical and persistent for quite a while," he said. "I can't see the situation getting any better in the years to come ..."    [Reference:]

June 1, 2007:   U.S. POSTAL SERVICE AGREES TO LARGEST EVER DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION SETTLEMENT - $61 MILLION   "... Under an Initial Settlement announced in 2004, the discriminatory policy was ended, and over 10,543 of the more than 25,000 rehabilitation workers filed claims of disability discrimination. After review, 3057 of the claims were dismissed, leaving 7512 claims to be resolved. After extensive mediation, the Postal Service and the attorneys for the workers reached this Global Settlement, which was preliminarily approved by a federal administrative judge on May 23, 2007. Formal notice will be sent to the class members by June 22 ..."    [Reference:]

June 1, 2007:   Union Asks Wachovia To Stop Running Misleading Ad   "... Postmaster General John E. Potter criticized the ad as well. In remarks at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on May 30, he said, I have no problem with competition. All I ask for is a little honesty when you're doing it. ..."